Is school important? Why do you need it? What is it good for?

Children are sent to school to prepare them for a world that is rapidly changing but the school itself is the same as it was years ago.

There are recruiters who complain that today’s graduates are unemployable, there are also students who have no desire to be in in school as the school no longer teaches what is important , or what they need, and many young people protest that entertainers and dropouts are making more money than graduates.

Are we sent to school to learn to be employees, to follow instructions, to memorise and prepare for exams, or to prepare for life, to learn to think critically and to solve problems in the society, for the future? Schools teach you to follow instructions, and especially in African schools, you are not encouraged to challenge the status quo, you will actually be punished or sent out of the class for asking a question that the professor or teacher finds dificult to answer, or that differs from the lecturer’s point of view.

Students have lost faith in school, so have teachers. Teachers are not motivated, not respected, not trained, intolerant, not taught to teach or have no knowledge of psychology, interpersonal relations, and the required communication skills to impart students with knowledge in a safe and friendly non-bossy environment. In fact, their self-esteem most of the time is boosted by being mean to the students.

Scholars are not respected either. Test scores and grades are valued more than real skills and talents. A child with real passion in the arts is considered unserious and is made or forced to fit within the bracket of lawyer, doctor, banker, engineer, and a lot of potential is lost.

Formal education is great because it has produced scientists, changed our world through technology, every aspect of life is improved through education but the system has to adjust its curriculum, especially in Nigeria, to stop importing subjects and to update and create courses whose learning goals can be applied in our socio-cultural environment.

Information technology students as well are not reaping the benefits of their 5year university education because they still have to graduate and go for more expensive courses that will teach them what they can actually apply, to make their own money or to be useful employees, almost everything in the IT curriculum in our universities is obsolete or useless, whether for hardware or software.

To sum this up, there is knowledge everywhere, why should I go to school? For a degree? For just the paper? All those years? Also, students have different ways of learning, and different paces, and different attention spans, how can we work with this information? The school can be a great place to really learn and students have a lot of opinions on the kind of education or learning environment or teachers they want, so we are giving them this opportunity. #VoiceYourHopes



#VoiceYourHopes in the 2nd annual SHIPAfrica scholarship by posting a video or photo on the theme: the kind of education I want.

Do your research on countries like Finland or other countries with better systems of education, or simply #VoiceYourHopes as it lays in your hearts


No complaints, if you must talk about the ills of the system, keep it minimal.

State your wishes, what do you hope to gain from school?

What kind of school do you dream that your children can go to?

If you had the opportunity, what kind of learning environment would you create

What is the school not teaching you?

What should be added to the curriculum?

If you had to do it all over, would you go to school?

What kind of teachers do you want?

What kind of learning environment?

What kind of projects would you love to carry out?

What kind of impact do you hope to make with the education you gain?




In or Out-of-School Youths

Youths who have dropped out

Secondary School students

University students

Students and Youth in Africa

African Students and Youth Abroad

Parents who need to #VoiceYourHopes



Your voice matters. Whether you are applying to win or just to join the discussion, as long as you have something to say, #VoiceYourHopes someone is listening.

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