Affordable love is subjective: keep your love bank full…love from your heart,plan with your head

Love is like money.

If you give it to me when I don’t need it, I’ll save it or waste it. And probably spend it on someone else who’s available when I’m ready.

If you give someone too much of it that he/she never had to work for, they could go crazy and splurge and only have memories…

If I’m not getting enough of it, I’ll always feel that it’s the only loss in my life and I want more.

Affordable love is subjective: keep your love bank from your heart,plan with your head

I may abuse it when I have excess, and when it’s gone, I could either become a philosopher or start looking around for love pension, love funds, might even recycle some old friends and old flames and old brothers, just to get a little more.

Love is like money. And going on a romantic date is like going for a job interview, from one you get paid, from the other, you get love or get laid.

Love is like money. And loosing a job is like losing a relationship. You can break up and move on to the next one, or you could get fired and ask yourself “What’s next?” Or “What went wrong?”

Love is like money, keep your love life in motion as you keep your money life in motion, else, soon enough, one is going to suffer for the other.

Love is like money, if you waste mine, you lose respect in my eyes. If you spend it wisely, we could be together forever.

Love is like money. Sometimes you have to manage the recipients of your love, especially if you’re a wholesome and cheerful lover like me, always seeking the pleasure of the ones you love, it would be too expensive to spend all that emotion on a lot of people, too draining, too much punishment on yourself. You cannot love everyone, and you cannot love everyone the same way.

Love is like money. Keep your PIN secure, not everyone should have access to your purse. Guard your heart with all diligence (that’s where life starts {The MSG translation}) Proverbs 4:23

Love is like money, sometimes you have to work for it, sometimes it falls on your laps, sometimes you win it, sometimes you get ‘one’ free for spending a part of it.

Love is like money, sometimes you need a job before you can get it, cos no one wants to be with a jobless bum who can’t pay their bills.

Love is like money, some people pretend they don’t like it, but they secretly do.

Love is like money, they both take time to grow, you can save for now, or save for tomorrow. Sometimes too slow to enter, yet so easy to loose.

Love is like money, if you throw it to the dogs, they will take it for granted. The value is universal from country to country, the exchange rate varies from person to person.

Love is like money, as a child we get it for free, growing up, we learn to earn it. Earn a living and earn a loving. I don’t know about unconditional love because there is no unconditional money. Lazy lovers are undeserving of love, it’s hard to pick up the phone, it’s hard to get on a plane to visit, it’s hard to buy groceries from the food store on your way home at least once a month, it’s hard to attend the child’s games, it’s hard to buy me flowers, you don’t deserve my love. Love is hard to spend, thus hard to throw away, hard to watch it go to waste. It’s frustrating and sickening to spend love on someone who doesn’t care what it costs you.

Love is like money, because you invest it for the happiness of the ones you love and for your own happiness.

Love is like money, the currency of exchange for self-preservation. For joy, for peace of mind, for World peace, for happiness, for warmth, for embraces, for kisses, for the upbringing of a child, for teamwork with results, for security among neighbours.

Love is like money. The absence or the lack of it is fear and insecurity. So the Bible placed fear and love side by side on two occasions.

“There is no fear in love…Perfect love casts out fear”(1Jn4:18)

“God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love…” (2Tim1:7)

Love is like money, there’ll be people who owe you, there’ll be those you owe…Owe no man anything but to love one another(Rom 13:8)

Love is like money, “there will always be the poor among you” (Deut 15:11), just as there will be people who may never love you.

Love is like money, some people would trade the one for the other. “Well, we may not have all the money in the world, but we have love”

“He doesn’t have my time, but he spends money on the kids and I”

So while some women would be happy with just money, some men would settle for the love of a woman that outlasts his hard times. And there would always be broke women counting on the love of a rich or hardworking man to raise them from the dust and everyday-people seeking more money to make them appealing to a love interest.

Love is like money, and a woman’s loyalty is tested when her man has nothing. Love is like money, and a man’s faithfulness is tested when he has a lot of it.

Love is like money, when you have the one, you feel like you can make up for the other, and when you have neither, it feels like your world is over, or is yet to begin, because sometimes, it’s challenging to know which you need first exactly.

Love is like money. But some ladies get it wrong and think a solid career is only for men. But money most of the time makes love work, while love doesn’t make money last…so Love is the superior deal, but in all your lovemaking, make money.

You may not have control over the love in your life and the way people respond to your love, but you have control over your career. So learn to balance the two.

Love is like money, and a couple that can’t sort out their money issues, can’t trust, can’t love, shouldn’t be together.

Love is like money, and we are commanded to love one another, just as we are commanded to give because they are both tied to our faith:

Men are commanded to love their wives just as they are directed to provide for their families “… he hath denied the faith and is worse than an infidel”(ITim 5:8) “he that loveth not, knoweth not God for God is love” (I John 4:8)

Love is like money. And when fortune smiles on you, you’ll have love when you need it, so you don’t have to keep someone’s love waiting in a bank for whenever it’s important to you.

Love is like money, but while money stops its cycle on earth, love is eternal.

So make money, but in all your money-making, make love your ultimate. Finance makes romance sweet…the movie tickets are not free *wink*

Love is like money, everyone has a love account. They record everything, from simple friendships to major relationships, from tiny gifts of love, to major hurts and sacrifices.

Love is like money, there’s fake notes too, there are swindlers and fraudsters and cheats and deceivers.

Love is like money, be prudent, be wise, lay up treasures, have a picture of the future in mind. Money will buy happiness, love will buy joy, and peace of mind.

Love is like money, you give or invest with expectations, when you give to charity,you also expect from God, and when a child or spouse isn’t responding to our love or money, we feel unappreciated.

Love is like money, I don’t know about unconditional love, because God’s blessings are conditional and even in his love, there is hell for those who abuse His love and the life He gave.

Love is like money, and the feeling you have when your crush loves you back, can equate the feeling of winning a million dollars! Hehe

Love is like money, but Love can be shared and multiplied without being diminished, whereas there is a possibility that sharing money will make it unavailable.

Love is like money. And both the one with too much love, and the one with too much money, are paranoid.

Love is like money, it works better with trust, honesty, responsibility and reciprocity.

Love is like money, both superlative in titles. Money answers all things as love is the greatest gift of all, the greatest commandment, the greatest feeling.

Love is like money, you’ll have to spend it everyday, either out of pity, desire or obligation.

A smile, a hello, forgiveness, a handshake and more…every love spent is a risky gift, every money spent is a risk on a promise…(Marketing professionals will get this), of fulfilment of needs, of self-preservation, for me and my loved ones.

Love is like money, they can both guarantee you comfort.

Love is like money, they both involve choice and time.

Money is time, time is life, love is like money, love is life. Money changes things, time changes things, love changes things. Money covers mistakes, love covers a multitude of sins, time heals ugly wounds.

Love is like money, but money is not love, for while money stops its cycle on earth, love is eternal. So make money, but in all your money-making, make love your ultimate.

Love is like money, we all want long lasting relationships as we want ever multiplying money, but some of us are not ready to do the work.

Love is like money. So we’re waiting for the perfect scenario to start, till we’re so broke and lorn, that anything else that’s available would do, after we’ve lost too many good opportunities, and some really special people.

Don't worry, go in there and find happy!

Don’t worry, go in there and find happy!