Did someone just ruin your day?

Love Aludo Humdinger

Love Aludo Humdinger

Our lives revolve around choices, you choose to be happy or not, no one can take your joy or spoil your day without your consent. Get out for fresh air, use a hobby, take a shower, wear your ear pieces and scream along with the sound, call a dear friend or just get busy.

You’ll still have a great day, as long as the puppy doesn’t poop on your shirt when its just two minutes to leave the house, well, even if he does, you can always find a way out.

That’s Life, its about perspective. Its not what you see, but how you see it. That’s what makes the difference between a pessimist and an optimist, a painter and a writer, a critic and a fan, a christian and a muslim, a boy and a girl, a mother’s love and a wife’s love, half full or half empty.

So when you tell someone that they just ruined your day, whether in the morning or in the evening, with a bad attitude or with bad news, you still have a choice to either let your emotions control you, (which is perfectly natural sometimes) or you take charge and shake it off. Even a break-up can be an open door to a more romantic love affair.

Thus the point is, No one can cause you to have a bad day without your consent, God values everything about your life?And he gives you the chance to live another day? Why would you give someone the credit for ruining it???

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