To truly enslave a man, you must take away his freedom of speech.

Make him believe he has nothing to say, put it to him that even if he says anything, it’s fallacious.

Lie against him and give him no room for self-defence. Stab him in the belly and order him not to scream. Take away what he values most and wear a bridle around his mouth. Rape him with a gun to his head.

No matter his education and how much he knows about his rights, do not give him audience when he speaks…

Lie to his face about incidents in which only the two of you were involved, make him wonder if he’s in a dream. Heap tasks around him and tell him to never complain even if he’s at the point of dying.

Lie to everyone else who could have given him attention, especially because you are older, richer, lighter, or his family lives at your mercy, directly or indirectly.

Olenu, the one that has the mouth. He that pays the piper dictates the tune, and Potipher’s wife enjoyed the right to lie…while some in our days simply stay mute, believing that the world already imagines :


    “it’s a delicate case, we must not take sides, he’s like a god to us, who are we to judge”.

In a world where only the evil oppressor’s speak, in silence or in decibels, freedom is not the best revenge, it is success. Because when success coughs, the world pays attention. But when bondage yawns, even his heart tells him

    “You must never make trouble with the rich, you must never protest against the powerful,you must never speak the truth, you will die an unsung hero”

    PS: Abuse takes many forms and has many names and sometimes it pretends to grant you access to an advantage and threatens that you will loose something you value if you protest. I’ve been there several times and I’ve walked away sometimes after putting up a fight, sometimes without any. But stand by what’s right and one day you will have a voice, one day there will be people who will truly listen, people who know right from wrong