Food is sexy!!!

We'll get to recipes soon

We’ll get to recipes soon


So, a lot of my friends have gone through pictures on my phone and asked if I have a food blog. As always, the answer is no. But today, I realise I can use my gift as a chef to pass a message: you can stay healthy on a budget, and save time too.

So, we’ll be handling real food here, and of course, on request, anything else you’d like to know.

Maybe we’ll have a video channel soon. But for now, I’ve tried to ensure that the photos are not edited, but real, so that u can actually feel the ‘reality’ of the food and no holes in your pocket.

I like to plate, and it could be funny sometimes, but well, laugh all you want, when you’re done cooking, you can plate yours as you wish too…hahaha

Bon appetit!
Farm Queen Love Aludo

Sincerely yours,

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