From France to Italy with LOVE

Don’t I just love how I can play with my name!!!


So I am currently an awardee of a scholarship, for the first time in my life. I know some people are still wondering how I got to study in France at all, besides determination and faith, but that will be a story for another day.

I’m going to say keep searching and stop listening to what people say, I have listened and listened to people for a long time who say that there are no scholarships for students in the Humanities, unless you’re some science, math, engineering geek or somethin. But that was all a lie.

This is the first ever edition of this course I’m taking and we are just 18 in my class, selected from all over the world, you don’t know how joyful I feel to be part of this. Everything is in its finest state, from the quality of the formation we recieve to the quality of information we are being exposed to everyday.

I have always been inspired by women who go hard, who go all out for what they want. Whether it is the mum who makes sure her kids get the best (like my mum), the lady who is called a ruthless go-getter but she makes it anyway, the one who is the most powerful woman in Germany, the Oprahs and Alakijas, the Daregos and Chimamandas, my friends who struggled to further their education, and even Jane who manages to mix school andmore school with her life as a mother of two.

My shock tho was the Tunisian lady in my class. She already has such a beautiful professional and academic cv, her path has gone from height to height, she already has a phD in Management, what was she doing in our Masters class, how does she cope with leaving her two kids back home? She speaks French too and now she’s trying to learn English, trying? she’s doing well because she still tries to speak even though she makes mistakes but she’s so determined, it fuels me.

I believe in education for all, and especially for women and girls. We should all be encouraged to go for more that will help us in our fields, and create a better more informed and sustainable society, it never ends. Whether you’re online or travelling, even though you’re not doing it for a promotion, do it for yourself, it shouldn’t be about impressing anyone or trying to look a part. Just go hungry for more and I pray you get it.

Studying abroad has been an immense experience for me, it’s not a been-there-done-that achievement, it’s me studying systems in as many countries as I can, so we can learn what works and what doesn’t to improve on things back home! I believe :)

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