The early man thought that fixing the wings of conquered birds could assist him in flying. We all know the result; GRAVITY made it equal zero.

Until man learnt to look into the invisible things from which himself and his environment came and until he conquered FEAR ( FalseEvidenceAppearingReal), there was no game changer!

Now man has actually gone beyond earth’s skies, already explored our galaxy and is planning how to discover the end of the UNIVERSE.

Invest TIME in honing your skills or acquiring more skills. Ask questions to gain more information and never forget: You have to CONNECT with the INVISIBLE(God) to overcome the visible.

I want to assure you of THIS!
There is ROOM for You at the TOP.
Whether they are tops that are already established or tops that are purely your own CREATION.

Enjoy a Terrific Day
Cheers to your Success and Triumphs
LightSpeed Colors 2013

Mr. Yomi Amusa is a Guest Writer on our magazine and we’re very grateful and excited to have him share with us. Follow him on twitter @LightSpeedClrs

Yomi Amusa

Yomi Amusa

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