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With over 7 years of private language consultation and concierge tutoring for professionals in politics, health sector, engineering, business, comprising clients (students) in Nigeria, France, Spain and the US, and experience working for multinational companies in Nigeria, teaching and language consultation experience with the reputable Institut Francais of the French Embassy in Nigeria and the Universite of Orleans Centre de Langues (Language Centre) in France, and the Italian Antitrust Authority, I am announcing the French classes in Lagos/Abuja, beginning from Lagos, that I hope you would take full advantage of, as these classes, compared to their benefits to your career, education and businesses, are being offered at a very affordable price.

There are classes for beginners, independent users and those on their way to becoming professional users/fluent speakers. These classes will come in packages, and suited to your language goals.

There’s equally a package for weekend or evening classes for workers hoping to step up their professional game with the added language advantage at its best, and those looking to compete for prestigious international organisation positions.

We also have the student packages at even lower prices, which include weekdays.

As well as packages for kids and concierge tutoring.

Please be aware that other Language services (translation, interpreting, subtitling) will still be fully operational.

A price list will be available for you, but for now we would like you to focus on the benefits, and the profile of your tutor, who is not only an academic French guru, but is also a communications specialist, youth mentor/counselor and has gained multicultural experience that comes to life in a well animated, french class, like you have never seen before. Welcome to an amazing, patient, fun teacher, that is the entire life of the language party, I understand learning paces, learning methods, and you’ll find yourself in a learning environment where you are royalty.