Just wondering…

Do people secretly make money off of comment sections where they’re trying to be the intellectually superior ones (still they be giving me a headache-filled entertainment with the amazement i get when i watch deadpan humour, like, you mean these people don’t know they are being funny right now?)

Roadside newsstand goal-less arguments over news items now have a new look : comment section…and if you can’t affect the story in any way or change the outcome, the same effect of those debates applies: YOU LOSE TIME.

😁 Time is God’s gift to man, a resource you can use to help yourself or others live a better life, even if it’s 5mins of sleep or a quiet relaxing tea break.

I already know since ages past to never go back to comment sections where my comment has a reply evn tho you agree with me. If you replied my comment, good for you, you have great taste in commentary. We can have drinks later. Still won’t go back to reply…Time is…irredeemable.

But if y’all making secret money out of it…let me know how i can contribute to arguing over things I can’t change or have no business with me or demographics being at risk or mergers and acquisitions where someone got richer and it wasn’t me😭

Just enjoy the news!

#Sippingtea #Bestwishes