My life has shown me that I can be a Master of many trades, and a connoisseuse of as many as I choose, Communications, Campaign Management, Strategy, Program Coordination, Marketing Communications, Youth mentor, etc

The foundation for this kind of knowledge repertoire is a passion for excellence. I have excelled as a French learner, a French teacher, personal French tutor, and group French teacher for adults and for kids. The best part for me, has always been results.

French Language Consulting has taking me to places around the world; Paris, California, a road trip to Vegas. It’s amazing the value that people place on their quest to learn French and this inspires me to keep being the best.

My passion for Bilingual communications consulting also led me to apply for the Masters degree program in France in Languages and International Business.

At first when I introduce myself as a French Language Consultant, it’s only in Nigeria that some people say, “but you’re not a native speaker”, and my argument is sometimes, one or few of these:


  1. I have met non-native English speakers who speak fluently without an accent, and if they offer to teach me English, (assuming I didn’t know English,) I would be glad to be their student.

  2. I have studied in London and thus had the opportunity to live among the Brits, and not all the English is correct English, the grammar is sometimes so wrong, you wonder if this is the motherland of the English language. So, being a native speaker may be a good criterion for a language teacher, but it doesn’t mean you know the language or that you can teach it. In London, I just enjoyed the accent.

  3. I have studied and lived in France, and in Togo long enough to know that not every native language speaker should be teaching you. There are people who have studied the language, and I am one of them, there are people who can speak but cannot teach, and you may also be like that with your English language. Being able to correct people or being a grammar nazi does not equal being able to teach from scratch or support an intermediate learner.

  4. I learnt my French from scratch, I know what the learning process is like, I know what worked for me and what worked for my classmates, while in school, I also had to assist some of my course mates with areas that posed a challenge for them, so no topic is off-limits for me. This is one of my major strengths.

  5. I have once been Nigerian best francophone student, selected through the Allons En France international students competition, organised by the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, now called LabCitoyen, actually changed to Labcitoyen after the remarkable recommendations of my set in 2012 which had a Human Rights theme, the event is now solely focused on human rights.

  6. I have a DALF C1, just as icing on the cake, my profile will introduce you to the other certificates that make me your undefeated champion. *wink* I have not had a need for a DALF C2, but it’s not going to be a big deal. About 13 people wrote the DALF C1 in the same centre as I did and some were so-called native speakers, and they failed the exams. I am not saying they were not very good French speakers, but you know how the TOEFL and IELTS etc can also be too for us English speakers. I guess these exams just test your speed, accuracy, ability to speak French on a subject for more than 30minutes and understand long tiring academic research texts etc

  7. The French Embassy Abuja accepted its First ever corps member at the Institut Francais and created a role for her, that was me. The director of studies received my  CV, seemed really impressed, said he was sorry but they have never taken a “corper” before, passed the message to the Linguistic attache and the Cultural attache, I got a call back that very day while going to drop my CV somewhere else, interview date fixed, I walked happily into the embassy for my interview with three top officials and came out with a French/Nigeria flag badge, smiling like I owned the city of Abuja.

  8. I usually don’t give my stronger arguments until there is a great need for it, but most of the time, these do. I respect other French teachers and consultants and people’s reasons for choosing them, but I enjoy my own classes, and the result of my effort, I offer an excellent quality of French Language consulting and I dare to say that I am the best.


My complete profile and CV are available if you are interested, please connect with me via Hovasabee Global

If you are great at something, a talent you have developed into a skill and you don’t want to lose it due to a lack of use, look for ways to apply it everyday, and especially, if you have a gift of sharing knowledge and actually getting people to understand easily, don’t hold back. You can do what you do regularly, but this passion here is what will keep you sane and happy and help you reach your world in more amazing ways.