My life has shown me that I can be a Master of many trades, and a connoisseuse of as many as I choose, Communications, Campaign Management, Strategy, Program Coordination, Marketing Communications, Youth mentor, etc

The foundation for this kind of knowledge repertoire is a passion for excellence. I have excelled as a French learner, a French teacher, personal French tutor, and group French teacher for adults and for kids. The best part for me, has always been results.

French Language Consulting has taking me to places around the world; Paris, California, a road trip to Vegas. It’s amazing the value that people place on their quest to learn French and this inspires me to keep being the best.

My passion for Bilingual communications consulting also led me to apply for the Masters degree program in France in Languages and International Business.

At first when I introduce myself as a French Language Consultant, it’s only in Nigeria that some people say, “but you’re not a native speaker”, and my argument is sometimes, one or few of these:


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