Yessss!!! Yelo peppe show ended last week. Remember when I talked about it the first time, it got better, the story line became clearer, everything gradually fell into place, it got heated, there was drama, suspense, snitching, name it.

That last Thursday, I had no idea it was the last episode at first, but the way things started to happen so fast, my heart was pounding. I placed my cursor on the minute bar and I was whispering. “” how many minutes left, how many seconds left…O No!”

But it was a happy ending.

Short episodes, very family friendly, suitable for male and female viewers, addressed the issues of husbands supporting their wives, of people making fun of women who cannot cook and trying to turn people’s attention away from what really should matter, of mothers and their roles in their children’s careers or relationships, of balancing career and marriage or marriage plans, of dating someone from a business that is in competition with yours, a lot was covered.

I even made friends on instagram with Fatima/Awa of the show : Fatou Jupiter, and surprisingly, I found her again in a series I stumbled upon, a Senegalese series that focused on the small Ratanga community, in areas of reproductive health, women’s lives, young people’s lives, public health in general, girl child education and sex education. This time, it’s purely in French, and I learnt so much from the show that I can only express the lessons learnt through service and action, and a few words.

Back to Yelo Peppe, it was amazing, well done Yelo Peppe cast and crew!