to remain unwavering in an ever changing world

to remain unwavering in an ever changing world

People change.

And today’s good girl may pass through some circumstances that could change her tomorrow.

Time changes things, and today’s perfect man may experience some things that could make him hard-to-recognize in a few years.

Only God knows who will be good for us thirty years from now as they are good to us now. It only takes the knowledge of God, and the love of God to remain unwavering in an ever changing world.

Even a mother might look in her grown son’s eyes and ask “What have you become? Is this what I taught you?”

In our own defence, we are confined, caged, afraid to love, afraid to trust, afraid to say hello and start a new friendship, afraid to do business or disclose ideas, afraid to have someone that we can tell the truth. We are our own bestman, and it’s not totally assuring but we will do for now.

Many brands will not live forever, they will evolve, change names, change products, there will be break-away cases, betrayals, scandals, and even extinction of brands, of partnership, of friendships.

But of a lifetime commitment, you need to be sure…do I want this person to be the father of my children? what message will she have for my seed? what influence will his history have on my generation? will he still love me tomorrow? will she stay when things are not looking up?will he be distracted when we become wealthier?

Consequently, the problem is beyond knowing when to start,but the fear of the journey

We may then say, ‘love’ is blackmail, I suppose, flings and sparkles setting us up for the imagination of a future together, some of us are not even looking ahead, the only thing that matters is NOW.

But is this love sustainable? Can we keep this up? Am I really good enough for her? How can I make this better? Maybe I should buy a book, I guess we need to go for seminars, I want mine to last forever, I never want to need a divorce. Let this be love till death actually.

So actually, a marriage is two lives coming together, on purpose; two histories, two visions, merging to complete a mission, a ministry, one vision. Marriages are for purposes, find yours, then find that partner.

(When I say ‘on purpose’, it is as opposed to being born in a family by destiny, and not being able to choose your siblings. But living with them anyway, and growing with them,constantly sorting your differences, and remaining their sibling till the end of time, no matter where you travel to in this world, because you can’t quit on this one.)

God deals with us as seeds, He sees generations in one person, don’t throw your glorious destiny away over a fantasy white flowing lacey dress. One bad partner can detour your life forever. Choose happiness, choose life, take your life seriously, pray, plan& listen.

Be whole in yourself first, and surrender your understanding to God. You may be so in love now, and God confirms that she’s the one…but you must be tuned to God to know this.

Only the fear of God and the Word of God in you can keep this partnership together, can keep a man faithful. No amount of skills will suffice. “By wisdom a house is built…”, so get wisdom, and with all thy getting, get understanding…

Again, only God knows who will consciously remain tender to us thirty years from now as they are sweet to us now. It only takes the knowledge of God, the knowledge of who we are in Christ, and the love of God to remain unwavering in an ever changing world.

People change, but there are special people who will remain close to God’s heart. “You will hear a voice in your ear saying, ‘This is the way, walk in it'”☑


*this message was inspired by the love of my life, and I’m just standing, reflecting, looking out the window as it rains

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