#MeToo in Nigeria

If my ‘assaulter’ did not succeed, partially succeeded, tried relentlessly, can I still share my #MeToo story? Cos I come from a country where nobody listens to you until the worst has happened, those wolves would definitely succeed with other victims who were unable to fight or push or resist or run.

And in this Nigeria, people would just say you are seeking attention or trying to just bring someone down, so the pain just lingers cos nobody takes women or girls seriously and even if you talk, people with no sense would still say “you no dey shame to talk am sef” or will blame you for one thing you did that led to whatever happened.

Most times too, the ‘assaulter’ is still in the picture, as a boss, family friend, relative or neighbour and if you talk….

So, if I need to report my #MeToo story based on my Nigerian experience, is there a safe reporting system? Can we call names? Is there someone to believe, to investigate, to prosecute the perpetrator? or should we, as always, just keep it quiet and leave it for God?