Came up with the song title when I realised that the distance between us and those we love who are miles afar is bitter-sweet, somehow, we just want them by us all the time; some other times, we can’t help but cherish the sweet thoughts that come with their absence, the memories, the ambience, and the way the picture in our heads just help make the world a beautiful place again, amidst the dark times.

Its hard because we’re so used to them, we can hardly bear their absence, so all we do is call them on the phone, exchange photos, write them a song, show them a star, send them gifts, or just pray, everytime we miss them; every single day.

And fortunately, with each new day, we’re closer to the day when we’ll meet them again.

13 thoughts on “ONE MORE DAY

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  2. Hi y’all, thanks, and hello to u rZrWFmE:))

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