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I’ll never love again, who needs a heart when a heart can be broken?
That’s what Tina Turner sang, “…thinking about my own protection…” Let’s see if I’m pro or con.

Who says we don’t need a heart just because it can be broken?

Plates can be broken yet we buy them, phones can be stolen, yet we have them, with more money comes more problems, yet we work hard for it, food don’t last long in our stomach, yet we eat, we even spend time preparing it when we know in the end, it’ll go out during number 2.

In life there are many risks and falling in love is not not one of them.

Its like putting your heart in the hand of someone who can break it but you wish they wouldn’t.

Being in a relationship is usually the product of serious calculation, brainwork and decision-making, but love in itself is an act of faith. We love cos we believe, you may want to call it a calculated risk, that we take anyway, a crazy investment of emotions sometimes, but Celine Dion says Just throw in everything you’ve got ’cause in love there’s no holding back.

Certainly, there are no guarantees in life, sometimes we’re lucky and sometimes not. Wisdom remains the principal thing, know when to let go or hold back.

However, there’s an unexplainable compensation for broken love, ‘every time you fall in love again, it feels like the first time’.

So whatever comes next, brace yourself! Eat your food while you have it, savour every flavour, sweet and sour, whether it lasts forever or not, we know that sh*t Happens, that’s why houses come with toilets. I guess!

Love Aludo”The Humdinger”, Singer,Compere/Presenter & Chief Editor,Chantecler 2010

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  1. luv,im fallin in luv wt ur wrk.
    anywaz,u r livin it up gurl.u rock.

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