Four Legs Good, Two Legs Baaaaaad



I remember when I watched the animated representation of George Orwell’s masterpiece, The Animal farm, I must have been eight at the time, or less, the movie’s replaying in my head right now but the only line I can still quote is “Four legs good, two legs baaaaa (bad) as chanted by the sheep in the farm, also known as the summary of the Seven Commandments of Animalism.

This allegory is more than just about the Stalin era or the communist policy. We could narrow it down to Us, especially this line.

If they mean humans are bad and animals are good, I would add that babies are ‘good’ and grown-ups are just complicated.

We were all born good, but circumstances make us complex:: Family backgrounds, whether good or bad, personal experiences or ordeals of other folks, moreso,relationships with people in the past have engendered some funny resolutions that we have made, for example

“Never again will I welcome a stranger into my home”.( And all our many never again guidelines.)

As we grow, we care, but not as much for others as we do for ourselves. There’s a selfishness within, a certain competitive instinct, excessive individualism, craze for wealth and beauty, fear to lose what you value most, and especially the fear that others might exceed you.

We may also experience Paranoia resulting in our resort to rather unnecessary use of all our tangible and intangible defensive ay offensive measures, or fear of the unknown which breeds an extra carefulness as it concerns future needs and ego boost.

If you think this is the best time of your life, think again…Childhood was when God had you, now is when you think you have yourself.

We cannot fight all our battles, we cannot have all the wisdom to tell who’s good and who’s not or how to/ how not to react to many things, but if God’s love is in us, there will be no need to fear.

He’ll carry us through life and give us inner peace in this complicated world, because, to tell you the truth, it could get worse, as long as Mr. Two Pillars constantly seeks greater heights.