Meditation {The monkey sweats}

Every single human is a product of an event. Our personalities are a result of our history, a recipe containing background, events, experiences, words or ordeals.

Everyone is delicate in some way, when we meet people or interrelate, we must keep in mind, that behind that hard shell ‘Terminator’ look, there’s a soft side, and behind that moody look, there’s a story, and that even indoors, the happy-go-lucky observes a moment of reflection.

And when we say a person has overreacted, its not you, its a flashback on history, massive exsolution of volatiles in the magma chamber accumulated over time, a playback of data stored, and your own unlucky moment, cos you’re about to write that in your invisible journal…that’s how events add up. It makes you tough, and even though you overlook things, it shows you’re growing in the act of overlooking stuff…

Brick upon brick, that’s who we are.

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