#SHIPAFRICA : Finding Solutions to One of Nigeria’s Biggest Problems

Ehi Ahikhuele, a travel expert constantly developing herself in the ticketing aspect of aviation, speaks to the guests on the travel process at the SHIP Africa event on the Nigerian Brain Drain


On Saturday, the 8th of June 2019, SHIPAfrica  hosted Nigerian Youth to a round-table session , which could be the first #HovasabeeHub to discuss the Nigerian Brain Drain. The theme of the event was “The Nigerian Brain Drain and Measures That Can help develop and Retain Our Intelligent Human Capital” which featured seasoned professionals as speakers. The list includes:

Tokunbo Fasoro

Sharon Aludo

Gideon Olanrewaju

Amara Adichie

Cindy Ezoem

Ehi Ahikhuele

and Love Aludo, all teaching on very important aspects of career development, foreign education, entrepreneurship and access to funding for education which include scholarships, sponsorships, etc.

The event was tagged “Lunch Mit Love”, (MIT being the German equivalent for the English conjunction “with“). It was designed to share experiences on studying abroad, continuous career development, to encourage Nigerian students to pursue learning, quality education, international experience and guide them through free counselling sessions on how to achieve this for personal development and national progress.

Tokunbo Fasoro, one of the handful of 31 Nigerians with the highest global certification on Human resources Manager, Founder of B.I consulting andchampion of the #projectempoweroworo speaks on continuous career development
It’s a triple threat with these three beauties, brains and fearless boldness to conquer the world
A cross section of invited guests from different disciplines and careers with a passion to make Nigeria great
Love Aludo and Johanna at the event
A peek into a counselling and networking session holding after the event
It gets legal with Onyeka Ezoem, covering business, travel and studies with the blanket of the law
Tokunbo Fasoro and her team member at the event
Sharon Aludo, tackiling depression and how it is linked to career development expectations
With an invited guest at the event
A team of Fearless at the overflow
Guests lend their ears as Gideon shares his experience getting international opportunities and funding
Meet and Greet at the early moments of the event
Sometimes the best photos are unplanned
Legendary, what an honour to finally meet the great @lanreshaper