SHIP Scholarship Interview Week

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SHIP SCHOLARSHIP : Education in my country



If your search for the SHIP scholarship has brought you here, then you are in the right place. 2017 is our pilot, and we don’t have a website yet dedicated specifically to SHIP initiatives, so in the meantime, we will work with what we have, just as we are doing with the scholarship.

If you are in your first to 3rd year in College in Nigeria, you are eligible to participate, by sending an essay of 750 words or a video of about 10minutes maximum (anything less is also acceptable, we are looking to appreciate your content) on the topic :


DEADLINE: Last day of April.

SUBJECT OF EMAIL: Education in my country


We want you to produce something compelling and propose any solution you have thought about no matter how wild it is, and no matter how un-feasible it appears, we are looking for students with passion for development.

The price is N100,000 and one on one mentorship sessions with top ranking people in their fields.

Don’t miss this, I have high hopes for you and I know you have even higher hopes.

Start writing everything you ever wanted to express, let’s make things better starting with where we are.