I was having one of those sweet moments.

I just wanted to call some of the very important people in my life to tell them how much they mean to me.

You know? Some of us will never get to do that. We’re maybe waiting for a near-death experience, or for the doctor to say our days are numbered or waiting to write a farewell poem on a corner of an obituary pamphlet, so that people can read and say awww and fan themselves with the card.

So I called my mum, to tell her I love her. “I love you mummy”, must have been the first time I ever said it first to her, even though I’ve always wanted to, but hidden it in may other sweet words and parables.

“Tell her” I said to myself “mummy needs it now, everyday, constantly, now”

So I picked the phone, and after all our chitchat I said “I just called to tell you that I love you mummy, you’re the best, you’re a very wonderful woman and I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for us and how you brought us up”

Then she replied “I love you too”, cutting me in, but Ahh…I had to finish my lines o, I was reading them from space, and I was sure I had to finish my lines before they fade away, I was a bit nervous, I swallowed, but I didn’t want to cry or sniff…. “Thank you too for listening to me, and for being good children and for keeping yourselves as I taught you. If you hadn’t listened, if you weren’t obedient children, you won’t be thanking me now…”

Awwwww…I smiled like a mischevious child☺

The comedian in my mind asked “How do you know I’m keeping myself? Do you follow me to my boo’s house?”… Lol, trust! Instincts! As a teenager, from pre-15 till some years ago, mum used to call me everytime I was on a trip to tell me she saw me in a dream, or to warn me. And in fact, the dreams always come with a warning, “behave yourself o…” with her gentle voice, but It was almost annoying, I wanted her to just trust me, but it appeared I was constantly the star in her dreams, the one who hung out with boys, and was stubborn, and especially gets preggy in her dreams…hahahaha…so I’m smiling now like “I remember all those days mum, I’ve long forgiven the warnings and shoutings and them preggy dreams…but this your confidence…is still one of the things we both share.

Confidence, faith, the benefit of the doubt.

We can gist about mummy in another post *winkie*wink*

As an aside, the message I sent to a crazy friend of mine showing how I appreciate her support and amazing friendship and wishing her a satisfying love life came back to me with an LOL

It reads:

“Love ooooo. ..lol….amen. Thank you too *hugs* “