Two weeks ago, I stumbled upon Maggi’s webisode Yelo Pepe, while looking for African French shows online. I had moved from the UBA show, Hotel Boutique, which had a good start but turned out to be less interesting as the plot developed and then, I saw Yelo Pepe suggested on the side thumbnails of my Youtube, wow! it’s Maggi, I thought aloud. So I clicked on it.

I saw the very first episode, a blend of French and English, with Nigerian actresses, Ghanaian, Senegalese, Ivorians, a beautiful cast with brilliant cinematography, one subscriber gained. But then in the second episode, I received a shocker. It was now English dubbed, and the comment section was not smiling about this.

I added my comment and received a reply saying that there were other language options.

Believe it or not, Maggi’s yelo pepe blows my mind with regards to the linguistic effort put in.

  • English subtitled
  • English dubbed
  • Soustitres en Francais.

That means, anglophone viewers can watch with all English sound, or watch original version with English subtitles on the French.

French viewers can also watch Original version with original sound and French subtitles, of course this is where you find me.

And it is also obvious from the image above that the show appeals more to the Francophone viewers than the Anglophone, look at the figures from English Subtitled and Soutitres en Francais.

With this diligence applied, there is bound to be a few oversights here and there both in the English Translations, the studio ADR and and localisation used in the translations, I compared some scenes from the French and the English and saw that a lot is lost in translation, in fact, whole stories are lost, and sometimes this is done because of time, or to perfect the lip syncing.

I give the linguistic aspect of the show 90%, the cast 99% (Ade Laoye, Fatou Jupiter Toure, Anita Erskine, Celine Victoria Fortso, Aurelie Eliam) as for the story line, I am not too sure yet (SEE UPDATE HERE), but I understand that it is a food show and a show for all the members of the family. Empirically, we can say that many of the elements that make up for successful TV shows do not go well with Family series, except for humour, so I hope that the show could use a little bit more humour, other than that, the picture is of high quality, and it only lasts about 9minutes per episode, so it is a show you can watch over and over again, to polish your French, or English, depending on your mother tongue.

The show insists on healthy cooking and the opportunities that abound in the food industry whether as a food blogger, a chef or someone about to start a cooking business, enjoy!


Welldone Maggi.