I love making money, but other than that, I love having time to make money, and beyond that, I love to know that I didn’t rush my clients because I have other clients or better things to do, because I love the look on their faces when I help them solve problems, and I would love to continue being recommended and not be referred to the one who offers generic advice for all educational issues, like the nurses in my secondary school dispensary who thought buscopan was the truth and life, for malaria, joint pains or coughs.

Let’s get straight to it.

  1. Know your hobbies

This is the life, you don’t want to lose this, this is like family, your safe place where you find yourself after the day’s work, but if your hobby is what pays you, then you already have mind and body together. But also remember that when your hobby becomes an obligation, it can become another source of frustration, because, customer deadlines, pressure, hobby goes through constant development to keep becoming a marketable skill. So now, you need to find another hobby; travelling, reading a book, cooking and baking, sleeping, hanging out with friends. And save a portion of your time daily or weekly for it.

In order to be productive, you need time to play and rest, so we got this covered.

2. Make lists

There are people who see making To-Do lists as boring or that it leaves no room for spontaneity, but that’s not true. Making lists helps you organise your day and spend your time on things that matter. You can also take action on the list in order of priority.

3. Prepare Your Arsenal

Whether you work from home or outside your neighbourhood, be organised, know where you keep your tools and have them handy whenever you need them. If you provide tailor-made services, prepare to have more than one client with the same needs, so keep the information somewhere and label it so you can tweak and reuse instead of starting all over for each new client.

Look out for apps and softwares that can help you organise or make your job easier, hire someone too if you need to.

4. Choose your Tasks.

There are two types of people in the world of To-Do lists. Those who do anything on the list that they set their eyes on, those who choose their tasks carefully. Out of those who choose their tasks carefully, there is a team that handles the easy tasks first and the team that handles the tougher task or tasks first, even if it takes the whole day. Whether or not it is better to handle the tougher tasks first or later is open for debate.

5. Skip to the end of the movie.

My friends used to know me as the one who reads the plot on Wikipedia. I never saw the Notebook, it was quite a long movie and another love story, something ughhh, we would have more of, and whose story line would be the same as every other love story

  • Boy meets girl
  • Boy loses girl
  • Boy finds girl…or not

So, I read the plot, skip, skip, skip…nice acting, the end. Now you saved an hour of your life that can be used in preparing lessons, or designing the bottle for the new perfume you plan to launch.

6. It’s Not Your Show.

The only people who should be spending so much time on a TV series should be the people making money out of it. Unless you make money on your blog by running commentaries on TV series, you don’t need to see the whole thing. And I am not even playing.

I follow really interesting TV series, from Big Bang Theory cos it’s science and fun to Empire cos its music and glam, well, not so much glam but they sure have a lot of guest appearances. But sometimes, even if there are 11 episodes in a season, i try to watch just the last two and forget about what happened before those, because, hey, you’ll catch it. These people are making money and you need to make yours too, or at least produce something that is of importance to you and to your own career, so let’s cut down. And I am not saying reduce the number of episodes per day, I mean deliberately cut down and move on with your life, stop dwelling in people’s past, lol, fictional people for that matter.

7. Traffic is not your friend

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