If you work outsied home, leave home early for that meeting or for work. If you take the public transport or drive your own car, or have a driver, the same rules apply.

Especially in Nigeria, where I always say, you can only tell when you leave home, you can’t tell when you arrive, today it’s a 10minute journey, tomorrow, it could take an hour.

And in addition, learn to text or call if you will be late, it lets people know that you have respect for their time and that you are making an effort, onthe other hand, do not overuse this tool as you do not want your boss or client’s phone to be filled with 7 messages from you saying ‘Sorry, I may be late today’ or even call them too many times that when they see your call before a meeting, they can already tell what the message would be.

8. Choose Your Battles

Online and in real life, we are confronted with challenges, difficult people, misunderstandings, people with opposing views that may trigger our defence instincts and get us to want to give this person a word or two, or want to take time to shut this person up for good. Most times, this may be necessary for the continued co-existence and sometimes, you really need to let it go, and save your time.

These kinds of events may happen at home with your spouse or sibling that forgot to take out the trash or the colleague that keeps leaving the photocoyingmachine top open or the stranger online who think black girls have a complex because they hardly wear their real hair, just move on.

You don’t have to argue all the time, you need time, and these things can be distractions, so choose your battle wisely. On the other hand, letting it go can nourish your soul because harbouring grudges or being angry can be detrimental to your health.

9. Hair, Makeup and Food

These are the things that take up 70 percent of my time when I am preparing. I figured that if I don’t eat, I am more likely to arrive earlier. But, honey, you need to eat. So find our what works for you. You either prepare the meal the night before and heat it up in the morning, or brown bag it to work or buy something to eat after tour first appointment, or wake up earlier to prepare it, if you are like me and are meticulous about your food, because truly, I will not ask you to skip your meals.

Having a help at home can make this easier so if you can afford this or if you can call for home or office delivery, then please eat.

Prepare your clothes the night before, if you need to leave in the morning, and please if you live in Nigeria, iron the clothes that night too, for tomorrow, there may be no light, lol, you understand. Or when you think you have a generator you can trust, you may just discover that you didn’t fill it because you have had constant light for the past one week. hence, prepare early, no one knows tomorrow.

Do you have a demanding makeup routine? Start preparing earlier or makeup in the car if you have a driver. For me, I go to my simple no make-up makeup, mascara, foundation, lipstick, and out like the one in the picture above.

Find something that works for you. On the other hand, if you hair is on fleek, you can always step out with no makeup and still conquer the world.

10. Get to it

Don’t wait till conditions are perfect, start now. You can work in bits, instead of waiting till you have one free day.

Sometimes perfection can be the enemy of your progress. So don’t stand still, keep moving, in the middle of that TV show, you can make that phone call, and keep your phone where you can see it or leave your sounds on, especially if you are not on a date, or if you are expecting an important phonecall.

Great things are happening every moment, don’t lose time…and if you ever find yourself losing your mind because you now work every moment, remember I didn’t advise you to work work work work work work, Rihanna said so, for me, I’d advise you to go back to my number one.

Stay sane, achieve more.

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