When I come…

When You Come

When You Come

Am on my way back to Abuja, I feel like I’ve achieved something, I feel fulfilled, only not so full. Jamie was too busy to come and then he asked if I could come over, and I gave my own excuse, till he reassured me that he’d make it down to Abuja, in his own words:

“I miss you too dear, honestly and truthfully. I’ll definitely come to Abuja”

But somehow he could never make it, forever, and I hurt, bitterly…its a shame, shame that I had to appear at the last minute.

More than just sad, am distraught, we had hope “when I come…” And I’d also add “when you come…”

But man proposes, God foresees. I told some of my friends, when James comes, I’ll say ‘yes’ we’ll start going out, he’ll be my last boyfriend. Now all I have are memories.

Last night, I stretched forth my right hand, and slowly touched the air…till now, I don’t remember why I did that, but it teaches me one thing: we’re now here, and then no where, we’re just mist.

Life isn’t just about the moments we breathe, but the moments that take our breath away. I’ve been feeding on coulda woulda shouldas since he left…God knows best though.

If I ever love anyone else the way I loved Dr. James, prepare for a crazy girl, am going to love like I would die, because life has taught me:::::Nobody really Knows.

With fondest Jamie thoughts, from
The Humdinger, Singer, Writer/Editor and ex beauty queen.

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